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What is RHA?

IC's Residence Hall Association brings together students who have fun making IC's residence halls a great place to live. Our signature programs keep students engaged without having to leave campus. We provide financial support to resident assistants and other student groups to serve IC's students. We find improvement opportunities on campus, and then we work to make them a reality. We also strengthen connections not just on campus, but with hundreds of other colleges. We trade info widely to create the best on-campus experience at IC.

We are the student’s voice: We listen to student concerns about facilities, policies, and procedures. If a student e-mails us a complaint, we take it directly to the folks in Residential Life. We work hard to improve life on campus. And no problem is too big or too small. We do it all. From bringing in drying racks in the Towers to replacing all the vacuum cleaners across campus with new ones.

We bring exciting programs to campus: You know us already for Earth Day and Sex Fest. But did you know we are constantly bringing new events for residents to enjoy? For more information on our Programs, go to

We help other organizations put on amazing programs: There are so many organizations across this campus bringing speakers, comedians, and outstanding programs to this campus. We like to help them out anyway we can. If your organization needs help, go to

We are campus leaders: Working for the Residence Hall Association is no small task. The work we do will help to build our resume, give us real world work experience, and network with some of Ithaca College’s biggest VIPs.

We make connections across the country: It’s not enough to do our best to make campus life better, we travel the country to learn how other colleges and universities work. Through our regional affiliate (the North East Affiliate of College and University Residence Halls, or better known as NEACURH) and our nation affiliate, NACURH, we travel to three conferences each year not only to have a blast, but to learn valuable skills like leadership training, diversity educations, sustainable practices, and so much more! For more information, go to

To contact a member of the Residence Hall Association Executive Board, please email us at  We are happy to answer any questions, and talk with you about your interest in joining RHA.  Our office is located in the Student Activities Center (SAC) on the third floor of Egbert Hall (311 Egbert Hall).  We meet weekly for our RHA General Assembly meetings every Tuesday at 8:15 p.m. in the Taughannock Falls Room in the Campus Center.  All are welcome!