How do I complete the e-communications requirement?

Log in to HomerConnect.

  • From the menu on the left, select Financial Aid and Billing.
  • Choose “Award” from the Financial Aid screen.
  • At the “Award” screen, select “Award for Aid Year.”
  • When you reach the “Award Package for xxxx-xxxx (this year's) Aid Year” screen, read the “Notice of E-communications from the Office of Student Financial Services.”
  • Click on the “Terms and Conditions” tab at the top of the page.
  • Read the “Terms and Conditions” statement.
  • Choose one of the following:

ACCEPT: The “Accept Award Offer” tab will now be available to you, and you may proceed to view and accept your federal aid.

DO NOT ACCEPT: If you select this button, you must send the Office of Student Financial Services a written request (i.e., not sent by email or fax) stating that you do not wish to receive your information electronically. We then will send print communications to the mailing address we have on file.

Please note: If you choose “Do Not Accept,” you will not be able to view and accept your awards via the “Accept Award Offer” tab until you have contacted our office.

How do I set up an Authorized Payer in HomerConnect?

To make someone else responsible for paying bills as an “Authorized Payer” on QuikPay, first sign in to HomerConnect from apps.ithaca.edu.

  • From the menu on the left, select Financial Aid and Billing.
  • In the Financial Aid and Student Account Information section, select “Pay Online, View Account & Create/Review Direct Deposit.”
  • Select “Authorize Payers” and complete the process by following the prompts.
  • Complete the process by June so you and your family can view current account information as bills become available.
  • Contact SFS if you have any questions about your account (sfs@ithaca.edu or 607-274-3131).

What is the CSS profile and how do I apply for financial aid?

To be considered for all types of aid, you must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) each year and the College Scholarship Service (CSS) Profile prior to your first year of enrollment.

The Ithaca College school code for the FAFSA is 002739; the priority deadline is November 1 for early decision applicants and January 15 for early action and regular decision applicants. See https://studentaid.ed.gov/sa/fafsa.

The CSS Profile is used to determine a student’s eligibility for institutional funding in addition to federal financial aid. There are a few additional requirements for new students, graduate students, and New York State residents. The Ithaca College code for the CSS Profile is 2325; the priority deadline is November 1 for early decision applicants and January 15 for early action and regular admission applicants. See https://cssprofile.collegeboard.org/.

When do I receive my bill and when do I have to pay my bill?

Please note: Our bills are electronic rather than print. Students as well as family members designated as “Authorized Payers” receive email notifications when a new billing statement is available to view online.

You will be able to view the fall billing statement by mid-July; the due date is August 10th.The spring billing statement will be viewable by mid-December; the due date is January 10th.

To access the online bill: Students should log in to HomerConnect; families should log in to QuikPay after the student makes the family member an Authorized Payer. (Soon after you pay your enrollment deposit, you will receive an email from the registrar’s office with instructions for activating your Netpass, which will give you access to your IC email address and HomerConnect.)

How do I pay my bill?

  • Electronic payments can be submitted once you have activated your Netpass. (See above.)
  • Cash and check payments are accepted but are not processed as quickly as online payments. Payments can be made in person on the second floor of the Peggy Ryan Williams Center or mailed to: Office of Student Financial Services, Ithaca College, 953 Danby Rd, Ithaca, NY 14850-7000

Checks should be payable to Ithaca College and should include the student’s ID number.

  • Ithaca College participates in a tuition payment plan administered by Nelnet. This plan may be used to pay tuition, room, and meal plan balances after all financial aid, loans, and scholarships are applied. There is a $25.00 enrollment fee per term.

Students initiate the plan through their HomerConnect account once the semester charges become viewable in HomerConnect. Payment plans must be contracted each semester. The full amount of the contract for the semester will be applied to the account at the start of each semester.

  • Ithaca accepts both domestic and international wire transfer payments.

Domestic wire transfers (within US only):

  • Wire to: Tompkins Trust Company, 118 E. Seneca St, Ithaca, NY 14850, ABA #021302648
  • For credit to: Ithaca College Account Number 10-101-00238
  • Be sure to reference full name of student and Ithaca ID number.

International wire transfers:

  • Beneficiary bank name: Tompkins Trust Company
  • Beneficiary bank address: 118 E. Seneca St, Ithaca, NY 14850
  • Tompkins Trust Company SWIFT: TMPKUS33
  • Beneficiary name: Ithaca College
  • Beneficiary address: 953 Danby Road, Ithaca, NY 14850
  • Beneficiary account number: 10-101-002238
  • Be sure to reference full name of student and Ithaca ID number.

How do I accept my financial aid package?

By returning your enrollment confirmation form along with your enrollment deposit to the Office of Admission and accepting your E communication requirement, you are indicating that you are accepting the Ithaca College financial aid grants and scholarships that were offered.

If you plan to accept any Federal Direct Loans you may have been offered, please:

Log in to HomerConnect from https://apps.ithaca.edu/.

To accept your federal direct loans in HomerConnect:

  • From the menu on the left, select Financial Aid and Billing.
  • Click “Award.”
  • Click “Award for Aid Year.”
  • Select Aid Year “XXXX-XXXX (this year’s) Aid Year.”
  • Select “Submit.”
  • Select “Accept Award Offer” tab.

To accept the full Direct Loan(s) offer:

  • Click “Accept Full Amount All Awards” at the bottom of the ‘Award Decision’ menu.

To reduce or decline a Direct Loan(s) offer:

  • Click “Select Decision.”
  • Choose to “Decline” awards or “Accept.” If accepting partial award, enter a dollar value in “Accept Partial Amount” box.
  • Click “Submit Decision.”

Please complete the Federal Direct Loan Master Promissory Note (MPN) and the Entrance Counseling at studentloans.gov/myDirectLoan/index.action to ensure that your loan/s will disburse to your account.

If you are a resident of New York State, you will also need to complete a NYS TAP application. Go to hesc.ny.gov/pay-for-college/apply-for-financial-aid/nys-tap/apply-for-tap.html if you have not already completed this process.

If federal aid is part of my financial aid package how do I complete the Title IV requirement?

Go to ithaca.edu/finaid/docs/20192020/Title_IV/ to print the Authorization to Use Title IV Funds.

Please compete the form within 14 days of our advising you that you need to do so. In order to receive funds, the form must be submitted by the semester billing due date.

Contact SFS at sfs@ithaca.edu or 607-274-3131 if you have questions.

Are there special financial aid programs for veterans?

If a student is eligible for VA benefits, indicate the VA benefit on the CSS profile and provide the Office of the Registrar with the Certificate of Eligibility (COE) obtained from the Veterans Administration. Visit www.gibill.va.gov or call the VA Education Center at 888-442-4551 to determine your benefit eligibility. If you have further questions about the VA Benefit, please contact the Office of Student Financial Services.

Does Ithaca have a work-study program?

Yes. See ithaca.edu/human-resources/student-employment for further information. Contact the Office of Human Resources if you have questions.