Collegiate Science and Technology Entry Program (CSTEP)

CSTEP and C-STEM Participants - Research, Externships, Internships, and More

 Great Day Ithaca College CSTEP and C-STEM Participants!

  • Make an appointment with a CSTEP/CSTEM Counselor to complete an Academic Success Plan and/or Evaluation. 
  • Make an appointment with Career Services to familiarize yourself with the many professional development opportunities.
  • CSTEP and C-STEM  schedule of events for Fall 2015 are being finalized.

***Opportunities for: Internships, Externships, Research Assistantships, Educational, Career, and Professional Development. 

For assistance with the above contact HSHP (HSHP students), your academic advisor or school's dean, Career Services, or make an appointment(274-1267) to review the OSG Library's binder of internships, research, and other experiential learning opportunities.   You may also consult with the OSG Graduate Intern or OSG Peer Mentors for assistance.