OSG Experiential Learning Database 2013-2014


As HEOP and CSTEM participants, taking advantage of short-term or long-term opportunities for experiential learning will prove invaluable to your overall Ithaca College educational experience.  Experiential learning can come in many forms, such as internships, externships, apprenticeships, research assignments, job shadowing, clinical practicums, field experiences, or similar engagements which involve active participation, observation, and practice.  

The OSG Experiential Learning Database is a comprehensive listing of sites that may offer voluntary and paid experiences to compliment your academic program, career interest, graduate school application materials, and professional portfolio.   I encourage you to review this database but also send us your suggestions of possible sites. 

The School of Health Sciences and Human Performance also created the Office of Experiential Learning for facilitating off-campus educational opportunities for the students in HSHP.  The Roy H. Park School of Communications offers a listing of over 1300 domestic internships for students matriculated through the Park School.  Check your specific school for experiential learning offerings.

Whether studying abroad, at an off-site affiliated location, or near the IC campus, funding options may exist for you as a participant in HEOP or CSTEM. 


"Make learning inescapable and unavoidable."

Dr. Orlando Kittrell. OSG Director