Funding for Traveling Off-Campus

HEOP and CSTEM Students:

If you make a request for supplemental funding through OSG (HEOP or CSTEM) and it requires travel to a conference or similar event (without me/staff escorting you), please be sure to complete the required forms before and after travel.  OSG does not give cash advance.

OSG Funding Application
OSG Funding Q&A and Instructions
Travel Authorization Form
Travel Expense Form
Ithaca College Travel Policy (Please read)

For study abroad and international travel, DO NOT submit the Travel Authorization Form (TAF) to Travel Services.   Submit the TAF to OSG only.

***Failure to read and submit in a timely manner delays the review and approval process.  Typically, 30 business days before you leave is adequate.

If you have questions or need assistance with completing the form(s), contact Diana (Administrative Assistant) or Tiffany Valentin (Supplemental Funding Coordinator).  Diana will provide an account number for HEOP or CSTEM travel expenses.