Study Abroad or Study Away from IC - FUNDING REQUEST

Do you want to study abroad or away from Ithaca?

First, please read this important PDF or Intercom announcement from Provost Kelly.

Before you submit a funding request form to OSG for study abroad-related opportunities or off-campus academic programs, please consult with Julie-Hickman-Godoy about your financial aid/funding options. Also review the Quick Guide to Study Abroad Options. You will need to have an email from Julie to support your request.

We DO NOT provide funding for non-educational expenses. Your tuition, applicable fees, food, lodging, and travel are typically included in the breakdown of your educational-related expenses, when you make the request to Student Financial Services regarding study abroad opportunities. If for example, in advance, you need to purchase a VISA, Passport, or other required documents/services, include a statement with your request and other document(s) that notes the requirement. We are aware of the varying cost-of-living per country, so this is normally factored into your financial aid.

A practice of HEOP and C-STEM is to dispense allocated funds towards ensuring HEOP/C-STEM students have access to study abroad opportunities, but more importantly, that funds are strictly utilized for educational purposes while abroad. Unrelated travel or other unrelated programs/events will not be funded by HEOP or C-STEM. You will need to budget accordingly if you choose to participate in these endeavors.

The above also includes all affiliated or non-affiliated Ithaca College programs in LA or DC - ANYWHERE.

Travel-related: For study abroad and international travel, DO NOT submit the Travel Authorization Form (TAF) to Travel Services. Submit the TAF to OSG only.

Contact Julie-Hickman-Godoy in Student Financial Services or the Office of International Programs should you have questions or need clarification.