Membership Agreement

The Wellness Clinic is part of the Department of Experiential Learning (DEL). The goal in DEL is for students to transfer their knowledge and experiences from the classroom to situations outside of the classroom.  Students work in the Wellness Clinic to provide quality health and fitness services to the IC community while enhancing their practical experience through guided clinical training.  Therefore, Wellness Clinic clients are expected to participate in various aspects of our students’ learning experience as outlined below. 

Terms of Contract

  • Membership duration varies based on membership type, but all memberships require submission of a medical/health history form to be updated with changes and minimally each year.  Join date will be recorded as the date of initial medical/health history submission. 
  • Membership fee varies based on membership type.  Fee-based memberships must be paid promptly upon joining and when due for renewal to continue use of the facility and services. 
  • Membership can be renewed at the end of the membership term by paying the designated membership fee AND updating your medical/health history.
  • The IC Wellness Clinic accepts payment in-person via cash and checks made payable to Ithaca College.
  • All members (excluding graduate students) will complete two orientation sessions (personal training sessions) with a Fitness Specialist before being allowed to attend group exercise classes or freely access the fitness floor for personal workouts. 

Promises of the Ithaca College Wellness Clinic

  • Maintain a safe, clean environment.
  • Provide prompt service to all members, including exercise assistance, feedback, and scheduling.
  • Maintain properly trained and supervised staff.
  • Maintain a positive learning environment for participants, staff, and students.
  • Maintain client confidentiality.

Expectations of the member

  • Pay amounts due in a timely manner.
  • Complete pre-participation screening prior to participation and update medical/health history when there are changes, upon renewal, or minimally each year. 
  • Submit medical clearance from physician as deemed necessary.
  • Abide by all policies and procedures of the Wellness Clinic, including client policies as posted on the website.
  • Actively and openly participate in the student learning experience on the exercise floor and during all provided services (e.g., student staff are expected to engage with clients and provide exercise assistance and feedback).     
  • Participate in the orientation process as required per membership type, including orientation sessions (personal training), fitness evaluation, and graded exercise testing. 
  • Participate in fitness re-evaluations every year and graded exercise testing (GXT) every three years (excluding graduate student clients).
  • Operate equipment safely and cautiously.
  • Notify Wellness Clinic staff immediately about any observed unsafe condition or practice.
  • Notify Wellness Clinic staff of any personal health or fitness conditions that impact member’s ability to participate in health or wellness activities, programs, or use of equipment.