Client Policies & Forms

Client Policies

Educational Facility:

The Wellness Clinic was first and foremost established as a clinical learning environment. Therefore, clients are expected to participate in various aspects of our students’ learning experience (i.e. orientations, fitness testing, and exercise assistance and feedback during workouts).

Required Assessments and Orientations:

  1. All new members will fill out a liability waiver, membership agreement form, and a Medical/Health History Form upon joining.  Medical/Health History Form must be updated with changes or minimally each year upon membership renewal.  Additionally, client will submit medical clearance from physician as deemed necessary by WC staff.
  2. Upon joining all members (excluding graduate students) will complete:
    1. Two orientation sessions (personal training sessions) with a Fitness Specialist before being allowed to attend group exercise classes or freely access the fitness floor for personal workouts.
    2. Fitness Evaluation (FE) and *Graded Exercise Test (*GXT requirement suspended until further notice). 
    3. Thereafter FE’s will be completed annually and GXT’s every three years (subject to staff availability).


Please see this website for complete listing of hours/closures.  Clients are not permitted to enter the fitness area before opening time or remain inside the Clinic after closing (including the locker rooms).

Check-In & Check-Out:

When entering the Clinic all clients are required to scan their membership keytag at the front desk.  Client check-out via the same process is not required, but is appreciated.  


Clients are encouraged to wear athletic clothing and shirts covering the torso and are required to wear clean, closed toed athletic shoes while on the exercise floor.


Spill proof water bottles are permitted throughout the facility.  Food is not permitted in the Wellness Clinic. 


Personal music/entertainment devices are permitted, but users are encouraged to wear headphones. Any music/entertainment played by client must not contain profanity or insensitive language and must be kept to a respectfully low volume. The Wellness Clinic staff may ask individuals to turn off or reduce volume of their personal entertainment at any time.

General Equipment Use Guidelines: 

  1. Participants must wipe down equipment after use.
  2. A spotter is recommended for all exercises during which the lifter’s body is between the weight and the floor (e.g., overhead lifts, bench press, squat).
  3. Dropping or slamming down of weights is discouraged.  If unable to control the weight through the entire range of motion, please use a lower weight.
  4. Chalk use is permitted (liquid and powder). Patrons who use chalk must clean up spills and equipment after use. 


  1. Lockers may be rented for a fee and complimentary baskets may be reserved on a first come, first served basis.
  2. Use of available lockers for “day use” is permitted, however if locker has not been rented personal lock and belongings must be removed at workout completion and must not be left overnight. Additionally, all used and/or dirty exercise clothes should not be left in the locker rooms overnight.


Both shower and exercise towels are available for client use. Shower towels will be available only in the locker rooms. Exercise towels will only be at the fitness desk and are to be returned there after use.

Exercise Supervision:

  1. At least one professional or student Fitness Specialist/Floor Monitor will be available on the exercise floor at all times. Staff are trained to provide exercise assistance and feedback, including assessing and correcting technique, while maintaining a clean and safe environment for all clients.  Concerning safety issues (i.e. spotting, unsafe activities, etc.), members are to abide by the advice/direction of the WC staff.
  2. On rare occasions, WC staff might require a client who needs more supervision based on medical/health conditions to participate at specific times of day when professional staff are present.

Cancellation Policy:  

Please be respectful of our staff and other clients by doing your best to keep all scheduled reservations and appointments.  We do understand that illness and emergencies arise and if you must reschedule please do so at least 24 hours in advance.  Repeat cancellations may result in client placement on waiting list or in extreme cases membership suspension.  Thank you for your understanding and support.

Guest Policy:

Guests are permitted in the Wellness Clinic for a $5 fee. All guests must complete and sign a Guest Liability Release form before being permitted to exercise.

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