Harassment Prevention Training Instructions

1. Go to: https://learn.ue.org/851Z7190995/IthacaStudents
2. First-time users should complete the Registration section of the page. Include your Ithaca College email address in the "Username/Email Address" field. Complete the Optional Fields as indicated below. 
        a. Optional Field 1: Your Ithaca College ID number.
        b. Optional Field 2:  Type either "Supervisor" or "Non-supervisor" depending on if you supervisor people as part of your job responsibilities.
3. You will receive an email providing you with a temporary password. Follow the link in your email to change your password.
4. Enter the Learning Portal by clicking the button at the bottom of the page.
5. Click on Show Some Respect! Prevent Harassment (Higher Education) to begin the course.
6. You will need to allow pop-ups to complete this training course. Either disable your pop-up blocker before beginning the course or click to allow them once you start the course.
7. Once you've completed the training program, you will receive an email with your completion certificate. You can also return to the course homepage to view your completed courses.
8. For technical support, contact the 24-hour helpdesk.
        a. Email: uehelpdesk@perceptis.com
        b. Phone: 301-830-4587
        c. Chat: chat.perceptis.com/c/ue
8. If tech supports directs you back to the College, please contact Linda Koenig (lkoenig@ithaca.edu