What is a College Trained Advisor?

A College Trained Advisor (CTA) offers support and direction to students throughout the Sexual Misconduct Grievance Process

Per College Policy, all students may be accompanied to any meeting or hearing by an advisor of their choice. An advisor may be a friend, family member, attorney or other individual of the student’s choosing. Additionally, there are professional faculty and staff members from the College who have received specific training on the applicable Policy, and Procedures

For assistance connecting with a College Trained Advisor, please contact the Title IX Coordinator

Resources for College Trained Advisors


Here are resources that will enable you to offer a student-centered approach to your advisees.

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Throughout the Grievance Process, you will meet with your advisee on multiple occasions, use this checklist to guide you.

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Advisor Form

Using this guide we've created can help to ensure you've collected all the information needed to complete this form.