Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI)

The Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI Program) is a leading online training program maintained by the University of Miami. It offers curricula in human subjects research, animal research, and the responsible conduct of research.

CITI Program is dedicated to serving the training needs of colleges and universities, healthcare institutions, technology and research organizations, and governmental agencies, as they foster integrity and professional advancement of their learners.

Who Must Take the CITI Certification Course?

Institutional Review Board on Human Subjects Research (IRB)

  • Faculty members applying for Delegated Review status

  • New IRB board members

  • Continuing IRB board members

Learner Groups:

  • New IRB board member:Human Subjects Research Board Member
  • Continuing IRB board member: Social & Behavioral Refresher Course
  • Faculty applying for Delegated Review: Human Subjects Research Board Member

Institutional Biosafety (IBC)

  • Allboard members
  • Students working in labs

Learner Groups:

  • Biosafety board member: Institutional Biosafety Committee Member Course
  • Biosafety students working in labs: Student Training in Biosafety

Institutional Animal Care and Use (IACUC)

  • Allboard members
  • Students working in labs

Learner Groups:

  • IACUC board member: Essentials for IACUC Members
  • IACUC students in labs: Responsible Conduct of Research and IACUC demos on specific animals

Academic Funding

  • NSF- or NIH-funded researchers
  • Participating students and postdoctoral researchers

Learner Groups:

  • NSF- and NIH-funded faculty, staff, and students: Responsible Conduct of Research and CITI Conflicts of Interest


Go to the CITI website.
Click the “Register” link.
Under “Select Your Organization Affiliation ,” type Ithaca College.
Create your own username and password.
Select the appropriate Learner Group (see above).

Upon successful completion, a CITI Notice of Completion will be sent to Sponsored Research to complete the certification process.