Members and Protocol Submission Dates

Spring 2021 Meeting

Wednesday, 03 February -- 2:00 PM

Institutional Biosafety Committee Members:

Jamie Ellis, Chair, Faculty, Chemistry

Edward Cluett, Faculty, Biology

Kathaleen Besemer, Clinical Lab Supervisor

Jean Bonasera, Cornell University

Kari Brossard Stoos, Faculty, Health Promotion and Physical Education

Laurie Mras, Cayuga Medical Center

David Gondek, Faculty, Biology

Maki Inada, Faculty, Biology

Mark Ross, Environmental Safety Specialist

Jim Yaggie, Faculty/Director, Anatomy Lab

Warren Calderone, Director, Sponsored Research (non-voting member)

Patrick Luker, Project Coordinator, Sponsored Research (non-voting member)

The Office of Environmental Health and Safety provides technical expertise as necessary for the IBC to fulfill its duties.

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