Sexual Assault Advisors/Conduct Board Members

Sexual assault advisors are faculty and staff from the Ithaca College community who serve as support for either the reporting party or the respondent in Conduct Review Board hearings that involve instances of alleged sexual assault or domestic violence. The advisors are also eligible to serve on Conduct Review Boards for cases of alleged sexual assault and domestic violence.

These advisors/board members are specially trained in conjunction with the Title IX Office and The Advocacy Center of Tompkins County. For more information on how to become an advisor, please contact the Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards.

Sexual Assault Advisors/Board Members

  • Joelle Albertsman
  • Patti Banfield
  • Terell Bennett
  • Anne Carlineo
  • Darius Cureton
  • Alexander Devers
  • Samantha Elebiary
  • Kirra Franzese
  • Doreen Hettich-Atkins
  • Megan Hotchkiss
  • Angela Kramer
  • Michelle Lang
  • Luca Maurer
  • Clint McCartney
  • Amy O'Dowd
  • Beth O'Neill
  • Alexander Peroulakis
  • Sara Rodrigues
  • Eileen Roth
  • Shannon Scott
  • Jess Shapiro
  • Samantha Stafford
  • Samm Swarts
  • Zaira Sylvain
  • Ron Trunzo
  • Karin Wikoff