Students are occasionally asked to complete community service hours as a part of a judicial sanction. Service sites can either be on campus or off campus.

On-campus community service

If a student is assigned to on-campus service hours, they will be given a location and contact information for the service coordinator at that site. On campus service sites include the library, facilities, athletics, and the fitness center.

Off-campus community service

Unless students are assigned a specific service site, it is up to the students to identify a location and make the necessary contacts to complete their hours. The Ithaca College community service program, coordinated out of the Center for Student Leadership and Involvement, is a wonderful resource for finding service sites.

Organizations students have gone to in the past include:

  • Ithaca Youth Bureau
  • Ithaca YMCA
  • The Advocacy Center
  • Loaves and Fishes

Documentation for community service hours

*Form 1: The Student Evaluation of the Community Service Experience gives the student an opportunity to explain the nature of their community service responsibilities.

*Form 2: The Agency Evaluation of the Student gives the agency an opportunity to evaluate their satisfaction with the student's performance of their community service.

These forms must be submitted to the Office of Judicial Affairs by the specified completion date.

file-outline studentevaluation.doc - studentevaluation.doc (25 KB)
file-outline agencyevaluation.doc - agencyevaluation.doc (25 KB)

Community Service Link


Please visit the CSLI's community service site for more information on service opportunities.