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We are currently working with faculty on the 2022 course roster and will continue to update this table as we finalize course offerings:

Course Name Faculty Description
Computer Information Technologies Adam Lee Learn and practice basic spreadsheet and database skills. A gateway to a computer science major or minor! If you choose undergraduate studies at Ithaca College, this course also has our "quantitative literacy" designation, a requirement for all students regardless of major. 
Public Speaking and the Career Pathway Ann-Marie Adams

Classes will involve delivering speeches, lectures on public speaking that weaves in content on the world of work and group communication, activities, group discussions, video analysis, and/or other forms of instruction. This course would utilize CANVAS and free online resources for course materials, submitting assignments, grades, attendance tracking, and announcements.

Writing for Screen Media: Screenwriting Andy Watts

An introduction to the theory and practice of writing for film, television, and emerging media. Instruction in the fundamentals of visual writing, character, plot, dialogue, and theme, as well as the integration of these elements into scenes and short scripts.

Introduction to Personal Health Joanie Groome This course explores what it means to be a healthy college student in our modern world. Topics covered will include : Resilience, Mental Health, Communication, Fitness, Alcohol, Addiction, Sleep, Disability Sensitivity, Inequities in health resources, and more. The information will provide the opportunity to develop a solid foundation to increase your own health and recognize ways to support others. 

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