Course of Study

Participants engage in a variety of activities designed to meet individual interests and performance levels.

Private Lessons
Each institute participant receives at least two individual lessons, 45 minutes long, taught by an Ithaca College School of Music faculty member.

Theory Course
All participants study music theory according to their level. Music theory concepts are linked to the repertoire from the Institute recitals and Hangar Theatre shows.

Institute faculty members conduct workshops on topics such as effective practice, building technique, memorization, collaborative piano, and performance anxiety. In addition, each participant will have his or her playing videotaped and then analyzed by faculty members.

Master Classes
Distinguished members of the faculty conduct two public master classes. The participants are determined by audition.

Performance Activities
Recitals showcasing participants are coordinated by faculty. Everyone performs at least once! Students can perform in piano ensemble or chamber music recitals. Faculty members offer recitals to showcase their talents for participants.