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Joe Nally

Joe Nally

Clinical Health Studies/Physical Therapy | Union Dale, PA

Major: Clinical Health Studies/Physical Therapy

Minor: Sport and Exercise Psychology

ICC Theme: Identities

Some of the cool things I do on campus are:

Leadership Scholars Program

PALS Classes

Track and Field- Having the privilege to be apart of Ithaca's Men's Track and Field team and the President's Host Organization have led me to many great experiences in my life. Working with a team of about 60 people, both on track and as a President's Host, has taught me that in order for success to happen and in order for our goals to be reached we must work together in every way that we can, even if it's uncomfortable for some.I am a pole vaulter on Ithaca's Track team and I had the opportunity to go to Reno, Nevada to represent Ithaca at the National Pole Vault Summit. I am also an avid snowboarder that loves going to various types of mountains. During Christmas break I built my own computer, because I am an avid gamer.

Having the opportunity to be a President's Host has taught me so much throughout the last two semesters. Through prospective students I have learned the questions and concerns they have with coming to college and what they really consider to be important to them when looking at attending colleges. With that information I tailor my lifestyle to tend to the thoughts and concerns of others, rather than what I am thinking at the moment and it has led to a healthier lifestyle for me.

Email me at:

Who is your favorite faculty member and why?

Elaine Kuo, a Chemistry professor that I got lucky enough to have for both of my freshman semesters. Professor Kuo has changed my life in a way that no professor has. She has made me feel so important in her class, because freshman year she had office hours that didn't work with my athletic schedule, so she actually changed them so that I could get the help I needed and that was the first time I felt like a professor cared about how I did.