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Lydia Brown

Lydia Brown

Music in Combination with an Outside Field | New Britain, CT

Major: Music in Combination with Theatre

ICC Theme: Identities

Some of the cool things I am involved in on campus are:

Honors Program: Through the Honors program, I have been able to take classes completely outside of my studies in music and theatre. I specifically have taken several classes on Greek literature, delving deeper into these works and analyzing their relevance in the world of the past and of the present.

Premium Blend: 'm in Premium Blend, IC's all female a cappella group! From this group, I get to make music that is much more modern than what I study in my classes, which is a great break from the stress of school. I choreograph for the group, so I get to create and teach the movement that makes our performances visually appealing and powerful. I also get to sing, rehearse, and become great friends with a group of very strong and talented women. The community I have found among these women is unlike any other, and I am so grateful for the experience to make music with people I love so much.

I recently joined the Guiding Eyes for the Blind club and it might be the best decision I've ever made. Who wouldn't want to spend their free time with the most adorable Labrador puppies?

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What's your favorite spot on campus, and why?

My favorite spot on campus is the pond behind Muller Chapel. It's a really peaceful place, and it's beautiful in every season. I go there when I need to unwind, think, or relax. My favorite time to go is when it's snowing. There's usually no one else there, so I can enjoy the peacefulness and beauty of the snow falling.