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Know Before You Go

  • What are you looking for? Do you just want to visit one department, or look at a number of different offerings?
  • There will be food! Come prepared to snack! Or shove food in your bag, it’s cool. 
  • Your friend totally wants to come with you! Invite them! 
  • Who else will be there besides representatives from majors and minors?
    • Financial Aid – ask them how a possible major could affect your financial aid.
    • International Programs – ask them about studying abroad!
    • Career Services – ask them about internships and networking opportunities!
    • Integrative Core Curriculum - ask about fulfilling ICC requirements and how the ICC interconnects to your major or minors!
    • Center for IDEAS - ask representatives about how majors and minors are deeply connected with lived experiences and ideals of Inclusion Diversity Equity and Social Change (IDEAS)!
    • JED Foundation - ask representatives about how mental health and wellness are connected with academics (hint: you can't learn if you aren't not taking care of your whole self)!

At the Fair - Question Suggestions

  • What would I learn about if I studied this major?
  • What kinds of jobs do graduates of this major start out in? What jobs do they end up in?
  • What’s a good introductory course to take to get a feel for the major?
  • Do you have an advising sheet or list of requirements for the major?
  • What complementary majors or minors should I consider to maximize my educational experience?
  • What are some internships, research opportunities, organizations and co-curricular activities that are associated with this major?
  • Are there any opportunities for faculty/student collaboration, undergraduate research or conference attendance in your major?
  • Do you have special events/open houses for potential majors I can sign up for? 

After the Fair, What Happens Next

  • Follow up with the department chair about your interest in the major and make sure you’re on their mailing list of interested students.
  • Stop by your advisor’s office to chat and process what you learned.
  • Contact the academic advisor for the school you’re interested in and talk to them about a plan to complete the major.
  • Visit the Career Services to get more information about potential careers and majors.

Exploratory Program Fall 2022 Handout

file-outline Navigate the Fall 2022 Majors and Minors Fair like a Pro - Exploratory Program Fall 2022 Majors and Minors Handout.pdf (80.81 KB)

We're offering this "how-to" to help all students navigate the Fall 2022 Majors & Minors Fair. We hope it is helpful.