The humanities perspective considers what it means to be human. Courses in this perspective will help you understand the human experience by analyzing expressions of language, image, text, and culture. You will learn to describe and interpret the values, beliefs, and behaviors of yourself and others in the context of historical and contemporary cultural institutions.


LNGS19401 The Protagonist in French Literature: Hero and Anti-Hero in French Literature

This course will examine how the identity of the main character is represented and developed in major French novels (in translation) from the Middle Ages to the 20th century. Texts to be studied include The Song of Roland, PantagruelThe Princess of Cleves, Manon Lescaut, Old Goriot, and The Stranger. (Note: Details for specific editions available at the bookstore will be listed under Required Materials).

Through the study of works of literature in translation, students will gain knowledge of the works of major French authors and an understanding of literary and cultural movements in France from the Middle Ages through the 20th century. Students will explore and describe the representation of the main character and its development in the French novel. Students will learn basic library research skills through an extended cultural study group. They will also hone their skills in literary and cultural analysis through active class discussion, an online discussion forum, class presentations, and midterm and final papers. Suggested e-portfolio artifacts are either the mid-term or final paper or a video or powerpoint from the presentation.

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