This section contains resources students may find helpful related to the ICC:

  • Integrative Core Curriculum Grids -¬†Links to ICC grids/worksheets that can be used by students as one method of keeping track of ICC requirements. (All documents have been developed and will be updated by the Academic Advising Center.)
  • Transfer Student Requirements - The information on this page applies only to students admitted to Ithaca College as transfer students.
  • Do you need to change your ICC theme? - You may submit your initial ICC Theme Declaration or make changes to an existing ICC Theme through the appropriate form available in IC Workflow. (For students electing to change their existing ICC Theme, the same form can be used but will require approval from the ICC Director. Changes can take up to five business days before the request is approved and the student record is updated in HomerConnect. It is strongly suggested that students consult with their Academic Advisor, Dean, Department Chair or the ICC Director before making any changes to their theme.)

ICC Visual Summary

Download a copy of the ICC Visual Summary - a summary and the specific requirements of the ICC learning experience.

file-outline iccvisualsummary.pdf - iccvisualsummary.pdf (141.71 KB)