Thank you for your support of the ICC! In addition to a full description of the ICC with faculty approved policies, you'll find several documents to assist you with preparing courses already designated within the ICC as well as submitting proposals to add designations. 

Recommended Syllabus Language

The Committee for College-Wide Requirements (CCR) requests that instructors include explicit reference to how the course will address the ICC designation and include the learning outcomes within the syllabus. Recommended ICC language can be found here.

SLOs and Rubrics

For a complete list of student learning outcomes for the ICC, click here.  Sample rubrics to be used in assessing ICC student learning outcomes are available here.

Proposing a Course for the ICC

The Designation form for Themes & Perspectives, Diversity, Quantitative Literacy, and Writing Intensive courses is now online. The link and respective guidelines are available below. 

  • Once completed, attach the form as a PDF to a Courseleaf CIM (https://nextcatalog.ithaca.edu/courseadmin/) course revision proposal

    • Select the "ICC Designation Only" workflow option

    • Attach PDF to the "Supporting Documentation" section under "Academic Impact"

  • Do NOT email the form to the ICC, only use Courseleaf CIM for attribute updates to courses.

ICC Quick Information for Faculty

Frequently Asked Faculty Questions

Fall courses - April 1st
Spring courses - November 1st
Winter courses -  October 15th

ICC Designation Guidelines 

ICC Themes and Perspectives Guidelines (updated 8/2014)
ICC Diversity, Quantitative Literacy, and Writing Intensive Guidelines (Updated 5/20/2015)

ICC Designation Application