Thank you for your support of the ICC! Several documents are included below to assist you with preparing courses already designated within the ICC as well as submitting proposals to add designations. 

ICC Perspective Designations for Majors

As approved in revisions to the ICC and reflected in the 2022-23 Catalog, majors/programs may elect to have their program satisfy one of the ICC Perspectives. The list below includes all of the programs that have been approved thus far.

Recommended Syllabus Language

The Committee for College-Wide Requirements (CCR) requests that instructors include explicit reference to how the course will address the ICC designation and include the learning outcomes within the syllabus. Recommended ICC language can be found here.

SLOs and Rubrics

For a complete list of student learning outcomes for the ICC, click here.  Sample rubrics to be used in assessing ICC student learning outcomes are available here.

Proposing a Course for the ICC: Designation Process for AY 22-23

In this time of transition and heavy faculty workloads, the process for approval of ICC designations (Theme & Perspective, QL, Diversity, Writing Intensive, and Capstone) has been streamlined. Here is a quick overview of the process in place for this academic year (AY 2022-23). Additional FAQs will be added as needed (and time permits). As always, the ICC Team (Susan Adams Delaney, ICC Director, and Angela Gian-Cursio, Program Coordinator) are happy to meet with faculty to assist. Check the Ask ICC! page on our website ( for drop-in times, or to schedule a short meeting. In addition, the ICC Director is available to meet with departments or curriculum committees or other bodies at IC to answer questions and listen to recommendations for updating processes.

Brief Overview: Previously, proposals for ICC designations were the purview of CCR (the Committee on College-wide Requirements); as part of the revisions to the ICC, CCR has been dissolved, and both curricular and assessment will be coordinated through APC. As of today, these committees are still being constituted and procedures still being developed. Further, APC and programs are immersed in curricular revisions, which will be taking up much of everyone’s time. Therefore, the designation process for this year will be a simplified and streamlined version of the procedures in place during the last year. (Please see below for procedures for previously-designated courses undergoing revision.)

  • Oversight: the designation process will be overseen by the ICC Director and tracked by the ICC Coordinator
  • Forms: Please continue to use the form and procedure available under “faculty resources” on ICC website
  • CIM: Submit the PDF generated with your proposal as part of your proposal on CIM.
  • Tracking: The ICC Program Coordinator will gather the documents and check for completeness, and then add the proposal to the ICC master spreadsheet for ICC designations. CIM processes will be overseen by Assistant Registrar Kate Miller.
  • Review: The ICC Director will consult faculty reviewers with expertise in that area
    • Faculty reviewers return with feedback within 10 days
    • If there are objections/concerns, director will consult with proposer for revisions
  • Approval: Once approved by faculty reviewers, ICC Director grants final approval in CIM.
    • ICC Coordinator notes on tracking spreadsheet and sends approval email to proposers, cc’s others [APC-C, Dean’s office, chair]

Course Proposal FAQs

Q: What about changes being made to courses that already carry an ICC designation? Do we need to fill out a whole new form?

A: Courses previously approved for ICC designation that are being revised through CIM will still need to be briefly reviewed by the ICC Director. As in the past, “exempt” proposals do not require any ICC review; for “expedited” proposals (course renumbering, etc.) and “standard” proposals the Registrar will add “CCR Chair” to the CIM review process in order to facilitate quick review, so that we can update internal ICC records. These proposals will not require the ICC proposal form; however, please include a sample syllabus with requisite ICC SLOs, available under faculty resources on the ICC website.

Q: Do we still need to include a Theme in Theme & Perspective requests?

A: Yes! As noted in the ICC Revision Proposal approved by the faculty in May 2021, Themes, while decoupled from Perspectives, are continuing to be used for advisory purposes, with a self-assessment of their usefulness scheduled for 2026.

Designation Proposal Forms and CIM Procedures

The Designation form for Themes & Perspectives, Diversity, Quantitative Literacy, and Writing Intensive courses is now online. The link and respective guidelines are available below. 

  • Once completed, attach the form as a PDF to a Courseleaf CIM ( course revision proposal. 

    * If this is a new course, please note in  the Rationale that there is an ICC update
    * If this is an edit to an existing course that only has an ICC change, select the ICC Attribute only workflow
    * If this is an edit to an existing course that has multiple changes, please review the guidelines in the workflow section of the Courseleaf proposal to determine the appropriate workflow to select

  • Select the "ICC Designation Only" workflow option

  • Attach PDF to the "Supporting Documentation" section under "Academic Impact"

  • Do NOT email the form to the ICC, only use Courseleaf CIM for attribute updates to courses.

In addition to a full description of the ICC with faculty approved policies,

ICC Quick Information for Faculty


Proposals are now accepted on a rolling basis throughout the academic year. For changes to be reflected in the IC Catalog, please consult APC-Curriculum web page.  In order to ensure time for review before the course schedule is released to students, the following deadlines are recommended:

  • Winter & Spring 2023 courses - October 15, 2022
  • Summer & Fall 2023 courses - March 15, 2023

ICC Designation Guidelines 

ICC Themes and Perspectives Guidelines (updated 8/2014; edited 3/11/2022)
ICC Diversity, Quantitative Literacy, and Writing Intensive Guidelines (Updated 5/20/2015; edited 3/11/2022)

ICC Designation Application