What are perspectives?

Perspectives are the ways humans view and interact with the world around them. Within the ICC, we're especially interested in the ways scholars and professionals across a variety of disciplines approach the big questions facing society. Courses offered through the four perspectives of the ICC give you a deeper understanding of issues and questions facing society. They teach you how different ways of thinking can connect to create innovative solutions to complex problems.

What are core competencies?

Competencies are the foundational skills necessary for responsible citizenship and professional success. They are integral to you becoming a lifelong learner.

For students in catalog years prior to Fall 2022.

Legacy ICC Requirements

Complementary Liberal Arts (CLA)
A portion of the ICC experience that includes twelve additional hours of program defined coursework.
Electronic Learning Portfolio
An online collection of student work that may be used for assessment, demonstrating accomplishments, or learning and reflection.

Themes provide a distinct set of questions and issues that students examine through each of the four Perspectives.

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