Dialing from Abroad

Dialing international calls can be very confusing. We suggest you take time to learn how to properly dial calls both from and to all of the your destinations before departing the States. You should also preprogram important numbers (e.g., the nearest embassy or consulate, insurance contact information, and emergency contacts) into your cell phone, using the correct dialing format for the country/countries you will be visiting, before departure.

Visit countrycode.org to view a worldwide list of country codes. This website also offers instructions on how to dial from/to your country of choice.


  • Always carry the address and phone number of the nearest U.S. Embassy or Consulate, in English and the local language.

  • Agree on regular times to check in with your emergency contacts.

  • The travel.state.gov website offers ways to locate someone during crisis overseas. Share this information with your friends, family, and emergency contacts before you travel.

  • Be sure to program important emergency numbers into your cell phone before you depart.

Emergency Numbers

If you are traveling abroad and need assistance due to an emergency situation, please call the following numbers:

IC Campus Safety

IC Office of International Programs

CampusConnexions Travel Assistance (Medical and Travel Emergencies)
888-287-4741 (if calling from within the US)
001-515-365-3990 (if calling from outside the US)