Embassy Locations

Know where the nearest embassy is in relation to where you will be staying.

Before you travel, research the telephone number(s) and address(es) of the nearest embassy/embassies. Do this for ALL locations to which you will travel. This information should be kept on your person at all times so you have it in case of emergency.

If an emergency should arise, immediately contact the nearest embassy to find out any instructions you should follow. Below is a list of emergency situations with which your embassy can assist:

  • health and wellness checks
  • arrests
  • medical emergencies
  • welfare and whereabout information
  • crime victim assistance
  • crisis response
  • lost or stolen passports

Important tip: You should be well versed on dialing telephone numbers for all destinations you will be visiting. Consider programming important numbers (e.g., the nearest embassy or consulate, insurance contact information, and emergency contacts) in your cell phone before departing the States, using the correct dialing format for the country/countries you will be visiting.

For more information on country codes and detailed instructions on how to dial, visit: countrycode.org.