A Distinctive Approach to Communications Education

“My second semester, I found myself in the Sonora desert filming the nascent vigilante movement along the U.S.-Mexico border. This was the start of my first film, Walking The Line, which went on to screen at film festivals and on television around the world. There is something really incredible about this process—of being trusted to start creating really early on, to learn from your mistakes and then get back out there. Combined with robust theory classes and a really supportive and nurturing faculty, there’s no better way to learn.”

Jeremy Levine '07 Emmy award-winning filmmaker and two-time Sundance Institute fellow


As an undergraduate student, you are accepted directly into your major and are immediately placed in classes that provide you with the conceptual, creative, and technical tools to begin your journey.  If you've already been producing media in high-school, we won't put you on hold.  Check out these profiles of talented undergraduates who are actively working as professionals while still being full-time students.  If you haven't had the opportunity to explore media yet, that's ok, too.   In either case, it's important to jump right into experiences that will help you decide which of the hundreds of areas of specialty best fit your talents and goals.

Our graduate students continue pursuing their jobs or entrepreneurial/artistic practice while being fully enrolled in either our low residency MFA in Image-Text or our online M.S. in Communications Innovation.  Each program begins with an intensive introduction in Ithaca to your intentionally small cohort and your faculty, and you continue to collaborate closely over the course of the degrees.


Not sure which major is right for you? No problem!  Check out our guide on selecting the right major for you.  We offer 10 undergraduate majors -- far more than most other colleges - and it's easy to try out different disciplines and courses and to transfer to another major within the School or to add a minor.