Undergraduate Admission

Step 1: Choose your major

Which of the Park School's 10 undergraduate degree programs is right for you? Explore the world of entertainment media, news, sports, and non-fiction media, advertising and corporate communication, and emerging digital media—here's a quick guide to help you learn how your talents and passions align with our 10 undergraduate majors. 

If you have questions, contact an admission counselor or the director(s) of the program(s) that interests you (you can also click on “Faculty and Staff” from any degree program description page). Beginning with the Class 0f 2027, prospective students can choose the Park Pathways alternative to applying directly to a specific major. 

Step 2: Apply via the Common Application

For detailed instructions, see Steps to Apply. If you have questions, please contact an admission counselor.

Please note: We do not require an interview, audition, or portfolio. We also do not require that students have previous media experience. Instead, we look for talent, openness to exploring the intellectual and professional aspects of the media industries, persistence, leadership, and a pattern of academic excellence. We do encourage you to set up a meeting with a member of our faculty or staff so that you can learn more about our offerings and expectationsand we can learn more about you than the limited amount you can share on the Common Application. 

Step 3: Optional: Apply to the Park Scholar Program

If you want to use the power of the media to make a positive impact on the world, are passionate about communication technologies, and have a deep commitment to service, consider applying to the Park Scholar Program. It provides full funding for tuition, living expenses, course-related materials, and academically-related travel.