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Here’s how to get your best fall class schedule.

First-year Students

Ithaca College’s team of academic advising experts will use your Academic Interests Survey answers to construct a personalized schedule that includes:

  • At least one course in your major or pathway 
  • Your required first-year Ithaca Seminar
  • One or two elective or core curriculum courses that will help you meet your graduation requirements, learn transferable skills, and explore some new subjects that align with your interests.
  • A total of 14 to 16 credits. (Although your tuition covers up to 18 credits, we advise that you NOT exceed 14 to 16 credits in your first semester so you can be most successful in and outside of class.)
Complete Your Academic Interests Survey

Access your New Student Checklist and Academic Interests Survey via IC Connect. Complete your Academic Interests Survey by June 12 to ensurethat you’ll be placed in courses that meet your needs and reflect your interests.

First-Year Students

We will provide you with access to your fully completed schedule during the week of August 5. (Even if you see before then via Ithaca College’s systems that you are registered in some classes, your schedule is not official until we notify you in early August.)

You will be assigned a faculty advisor in mid-August, prior to the start of orientation. If you have questions before then, email commdeansoffice@ithaca.edu or call 1-607-274-1021.

Transfer Students

Please schedule a Zoom, phone, or in-person meeting between May 15 and June 30 so we can review the courses you are transferring to Ithaca College and plan your fall class schedule together.

Frequently Asked Questions

For more detailed information, see our Academic FAQs.


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