Diversity Advocates of Park

An action-oriented group of students, faculty and staff who support our quest to be a leader in promoting diversity and inclusion on campus and in the media industries.

About DAP

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DAP meets a few times each semester but more importantly is an action-oriented group that

  • identifies and captures best practices in teaching and in leading inclusive teams
  • seeks out and promotes resources like grants and scholarships
  • suggests and hosts speakers, community building, and learning events, and 
  • serves as a team of supportive listeners for anyone who wants to talk.  

DAP members must agree to participate in some basic training so that we all know how to effectively and legally be advocates for individuals who may approach us with issues or needs. 

Park Emerging Diversity Scholars and Artists

photos by Danielle Bowman

Photographs by Danielle Bowman

Each semester, we bring in several emerging scholars and artists from diverse backgrounds who are embarking on careers in communications education.  They spend a week during which they give guest lectures, sit in on classes, meet faculty across campus, and give a public presentation on their work. 

Danielle Bowman's work focuses on the way that people occupy space and time. Her recent photographic work, titled Here, Now is engaged with ideas around landscape, time and the unknown aspects of personal and cultural histories. In her Diversity Emerging Artist lecture, Bowman will discuss her current work, older work and everything in between. Her residency is March 18-22;

Andre Bradley was our guest during the week of Sept 24, 2018.    Bradley lives and works in Philadelphia, PA; he has been a fellow at Image Text Ithaca, Hampshire College’s Creative Media Institute, the Philadelphia Photo Arts Center and has work in the permanent collection of the RISD Museum of Art. Bradley’s book Dark Archives has been shortlisted for the 2016 Photo-Text Book Award at Les Recontres De La Photographie, and the 2016 Paris Photo-Aperture Foundation First PhotoBook Award.

His residency involved presenting new works and works-in-progress and a day of collaboration with him to create a short video piece.  He focused on themes of archival art practice, sequence, narrative and juxtaposition, memory and writing, and race. 

For more information or to join DAP

If you'd like more information about Diversity Advocates in Park or are interested in joining the group, please contact Dean Diane Gayeski