Excellence in Health Sciences - Food and Nutrition Focus

The 2022 Professional Excellence Award in Health Sciences -Food and Nutrition was Brianna Poole.

Brianna writes: "I have always wanted to work in a field where I could combine my passion for environmental sustainability and human health. When looking for a college to attend, I saw that Ithaca College has areas of study related to both these areas. So, I traveled from New Mexico to come to Ithaca College where I could explore issues within the food system related to equity, access, and sustainability. The incredible professors in the HSHP food and nutrition department have truly helped me to discover my academic passions. I am excited about my work in the nutrition field as I continue my studies for a master’s degree and my future career as a registered dietitian.
Over the years, I took internships with Cayuga Center for Healthy Living as well as Cornell Cooperative extension. I had the opportunity to work with a team of HSHP students participating in the HSHP Interprofessional Collaborative Experience. Finally, I received aid in my graduate degree application process. I am incredibly grateful for the Ithaca College community. I feel that my IC experience could not have better prepared me for any academic and professional challenges I will face."

Briana is currently pursuing a Master's degree in nutrition at the University of Utah.