Casey E. Wrobel

NY Physical Therapy Association Student Participation Award

The NY Physical Therapy Association Student Participation Award is awarded to a physical therapy student who is an active APTA member in the final year of the program that demonstrates strong initiative, leadership qualities, humanitarian concern, and participates in APTA activities at the national, chapter, and district level.

This is a photo of Casey Wrobel. Casey is wearing a short green shirt with a silver necklace. Casey's hair is long and black.

My brother has Autism and had learned to walk with the help of a physical therapist when he was younger. He is now 18 years old and continues to be my motivation behind becoming a physical therapist. Physical therapy is about looking at the entire patient, not just their physical impairments, which is what influenced my decision to double-minor in sports psychology and nutrition promotion. Ithaca College was the only school I applied to, knowing I wanted to be in the physical therapy program. Thankfully, I didn't need a back-up plan and was accepted into the program, where I met some of the best people on campus. After graduation, I plan on returning home to find a job, hopefully working with amputees, in Clarks Summit, PA.

Six years on Ithaca's campus has flown by. I try to picture myself as a freshman first arriving on campus and it feels like forever ago. College is such a pivotal moment in our lives and we often go through really difficult and life-changing situations. I am so blessed and thankful to have met the people at Ithaca College who have been there through the tough moments and celebrated during the good times. Ithaca College has brought me forever friends and I am so thankful for my physical therapy family.

Academic Achievements and Personal Highlights

  • Flora Brown Award
  • Alumni Scholarship
  • William F. Fuerst Jr. Memorial Scholarship
  • American Physical Therapy Association member
  • New York Physical Therapy Association, Student Special Interest Group, Central Regional Representative
  • Ithaca College Physical Therapy Student Association, Professional Development Coordinator
  • Clinical experience, ProRehab Physical Therapy, Texoma Medical Center, Allied Rehabilitation Hospital
  • Internship, Early Intervention Caregiver/Child Group, Ithaca