Courtney L. Yehl

Graduate Professional Excellence Award

The Graduate Professional Excellence Award is given to graduate students whose work and leadership during their academic coursework points to a promising career in the field of physical therapy.

This is a photo of Courtney Yehl. Courtney is standing against a grey background. Courtney is wearing a long sleeve green shirt.

While growing up in Salamanca, NY, physical therapy was continuously in my sights when asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” I always had the drive to work in healthcare, specifically as a physical therapist, because doing so will allow me to interact closely with patients and contribute to their recovery. The reputation of Ithaca College’s physical therapy program brought me here initially, and I never could have imagined the impact Ithaca College would have on both my professional and personal growth over the last six years.

On campus, I was lucky enough to be involved in a multitude of activities that challenged and cultivated my problem-solving and interpersonal skills, including being a research assistant, teaching assistant, and residential assistant. Through clinical education courses, I had the opportunity to learn in a variety of practice settings with the direction of professionals who embodied what I always hoped to become. I am grateful for these experiences as they have allowed me to grow and find my true passion for physical therapy practice that I will take with me to benefit my future patients.

Academic Achievements and Personal Highlights

  • Summa Cum Laude
  • Dean’s List
  • Teaching Assistant, Musculoskeletal Examination and Evaluation
  • Teaching Assistant, Peripheral Joint Mobilization
  • Research Assistant, "The Effect of Wearing a Harness while Treadmill Training on Balance and Gait in Older Adults"
  • New York Physical Therapy Association Conference poster presentation
  • American Physical Therapy Association member
  • Ithaca College Physical Therapy Association, Mentorship Coordinator
  • Clinical affiliations: Access Physical Therapy, Olean General Hospital, and Cape Fear Valley Medical Center