Taylor M. Larkin

Excellence in Graduate Study Award

The Excellence in Graduate Study Award is given to a single student within the graduate program in Exercise and Sport Sciences who, through academic and professional activities, embodies the professional and educational aspirations implicit in the major.

This is a photo of Taylor Larkin. Taylor is smiling at the camera with long black hair over the shoulders. Taylor is wearing a long sleeve green shirt.

From a young age, I have maintained a strong interest in science and the human body, and eventually chose to pursue these interests in college. After earning my undergraduate degree in health and exercise science from Syracuse University, I knew I wanted to further my knowledge and understanding of exercise physiology. This led me back to my hometown of Ithaca, NY, for graduate school. I was drawn to Ithaca College for both the academic and professional opportunities that the school offered.

During my time here, I have grown academically through challenging and rewarding coursework, I have gained clinical skills by helping conduct exercise tests on members of the community, and I have developed as a professional by working in the Department of Exercise Science and Athletic Training office and on a variety of other tasks and projects. All of these opportunities have made my time at Ithaca College truly unique and formative. I leave feeling fortunate and grateful to have spent two years learning academically, professionally, and personally from faculty, staff, and colleagues and I have no doubt that all of the things Ithaca College has given me will continue to be of value as I move forward in life.

Academic Achievements and Personal Highlights

  • Alpha Eta Honor Society
  • Graduate Assistant, Anatomy & Physiology
  • Thesis work, “The effect of sprint interval duration and training frequency on VO2max”
  • Robert C. Colbert Wellness Clinic Exercise Testing Specialist
  • Student Office Assistant, Department of Exercise Science and Athletic Training
  • Guest Lecturer, Female Athlete Triad & Substrate Selection