Tyler J. Winslow

Graduate Professional Excellence Award

The Graduate Professional Excellence Award is given to graduate students whose work and leadership during their academic coursework points to a promising career in the field of physical therapy.

This is a photo of Tyler Winslow. Tyler is wearing a dark blue suit with a white shirt and blue striped tie. Tyler is standing in front of an Ithaca Athletics Division III background.

I grew up in small town located just across Cayuga Lake with my parents and two brothers. Growing up in Lansing, NY, most of my time was spent playing sports. At an early age I was exposed to the impact a physical therapist can have not only on athletes, but on the community. When choosing a carrier path, my passion for sports and human performance made it easy to decide on physical therapy.

Over the past six years, Ithaca College has provided me with countless memorable events and experiences, and given me the ability to enhance my knowledge and become a well-rounded professional. What I value most from my time at Ithaca College are the relationships I’ve built. During my junior year summer, I stayed in Ithaca studying cadavers and training for football. The time spent between the two was vast. One day, after hours of studying and training, my roommate sarcastically asked “when does the fun start?” Looking back now, I can confidently say that the fun began as soon as we arrived at Ithaca College. The relationships I built, the training, studying, and everything in-between, made my time at Ithaca College a life-changing experience.

Academic Achievements and Personal Highlights

  • Dean’s List
  • Research Assistant, Biomechanics Lab
  • Combined Sections Meeting 2020 presentation; “Extension-based low back pain: effect of multifidi muscle fatty infiltrate in young athletes”
  • American Physical Therapy Association member
  • Ithaca College Football
  • Leadership Academy