Graduate Assistantships

Each year, the department awards a number of graduate assistantships for the academic year. Funding is in the form of a tax-exempt scholarship portion that is put in the student’s account to be used for partial tuition payment, and/or a taxable work stipend for which the student supports the classroom, laboratory or administrative work of the faculty in the department for approx. 5-10 hours per week during the fall and spring semesters of the first year. 

Students who are funded for their first year of graduate study may also be eligible the fall of their second year of study. Funding is not available to students during summer, nor during spring of the second year because the students are off-campus on externships during that semester.  

Assistantships are awarded only to students who are enrolled full-time in graduate level coursework. The graduate program must be completed within two years.

Application Process

Students requesting an assistantship must provide an additional letter of recommendation with the CSDCAS application. All assistantship application materials must be submitted by February 1 as part of the application for admission to our program. Students are typically notified by late April/early May of the decisions made by the review committee.

Note that due to the length of the review process, assistantship offers are typically made after the student's April 15th decision deadline.


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