The Ithaca College Master of Science in Physician Assistant Studies has established a fair and formal process for taking any action that may affect the status of any physician assistant learner who does not meet the established standards of academic and professionalism performance. The process is generally positive in approach and committed to supporting learners in the successful completion of the course work required by the program. Elements essential to the effectiveness of the process include but are not limited to: timely notice of the impending action, disclosure of the evidence on which the action would be based, an opportunity for the physician assistant learner to respond, and an opportunity to appeal any adverse decision related to advancement, graduation, or dismissal.

The APPRC is charged with the responsibility of systematically reviewing the academic performance (didactic and clinical phases) and professional behaviors of each physician assistant learner, in order to make appropriate recommendations to the Program Director regarding graduation, progression, deceleration, remediation, academic probation, dismissal and readmission. The committee, in consultation with course directors, will also participate directly in the placement of learners on probation and in the design remediation for deficiencies.

Additionally, the APPRC serves to ensure that the policies outlined in all program policy manuals (including this document) are applied in a fair and equitable manner to all learners. However, claims of discrimination, including retaliation, and sexual harassment should be submitted to the Ithaca College Office of Academic Affairs by the learner.