The Ithaca College MS-PAS program conducts a summative evaluation of each learner within the final four months of the program. The purpose of the summative evaluation is to verify and validate that each learner has successfully achieved the Learning Outcomes and Expected Competencies established by the program; and are necessary to enter clinical practice. The assessments composing the summative evaluation correlate with all didactic and clinical curricular components of the program. The elements of the summative evaluation are as follows:

  • 120 Multiple Choice Examination
  • Performance of a Complete Physical Examination
  • Documentation of a Complete History and Physical 
  • Successful completion of three (3) OSCEs
  • Documentation of a SOAP note of one of the OSCE scenarios
  • Formulation of a research question on the chosen scenario, using the PICO format; and Critical Appraisal of one article related to the research question
  • Formulation of a performance improvement plan at the end of SCPE #5 
  • 500-word reflection essay on their role as a Physician Assistant regarding one of the following topics

    • Health Disparities 

    • Social Justice in Medicine 

    • Population and Community Health Advocacy 

    • Interprofessional Practice 

    • Leadership 

Learners must score a minimum of 70% on each of the bolded assessments. If a learner fails to achieve this benchmark:

  • The learner will meet with their academic advisor to review areas of weakness and deficiency 

  • An individualized remediation plan will be formulated 

  • The learner will be re-evaluated on Friday afternoon of the following Clinical Seminar 

Failure to achieve the established benchmark on the re-assessment will result in a referral to the APPRC, which may recommend deceleration or dismissal from the program.