Closing of Campus (including Inclement Weather)

The President shall determine whether the condition is such a nature as to require cancellation of classes and/or closure of the College.

Example of events which may prompt such a decision include severe weather, natural disasters, act of terrorism, workplace violence, or significant utility outages.

Didactic Phase and Clinical Phase Learners Rotating within 60 miles of the Ithaca College Campus

If the President determines that classes are to be cancelled and/or the College closed due to inclement weather, the following steps shall be implemented for courses and rotations by the program:

  • If the Ithaca College campus has closed, there will be no course activities that day on campus. This includes regularly scheduled lectures, laboratories and learning activities.
  • Clinical activities will also be suspended in the following way:
    • If notification occurs by 5:30 a.m., learners are excused from clinical duties. Learners must notify the preceptor at their clinical site that according to the College’s Inclement Weather policy they are not to attend clinicals.
    • If notification occurs during the day or before 3:00 p.m. for evening events and classes, the College will communicate with faculty, staff, and learners when this has occurred. Specific information regarding the weather status at the Ithaca College campus will be placed on the Ithaca College website.
    • Learners should be excused immediately from clinical duties in order to return home safely.
    • The program will also make efforts to communicate to faculty and to learners on their rotation by email when clinical duties are suspended.
    • Learners must notify the preceptor at their clinical site that according to the College Inclement Weather policy they are not to attend clinicals.

Clinical Phase Learners Rotating > 60 miles from the Ithaca College Campus

Learners are not expected to put themselves in dangerous situations. If a learner feels as though road conditions are too dangerous for driving, then they should report the absence to the Director of Clinical Education. If a clinical preceptor cancels a clinic day due to inclement weather, it is does not need to be made up, but should be reported to the Director of Clinical Education. Learners should strive to still meet the minimum required hours for the rotation. If this is not possible, the learner should contact the Director of Clinical Education immediately to discuss options.

Non-inclement weather closure of campus

Should campus be closed for a reason other than inclement weather, clinical phase learners are expected to attend clinicals for the day. Should the campus closure be of such a nature that learners may be negatively affected in some way (emotionally, physically, etc.), the program will alert learners to not attend clinicals.