This Learner Handbook was developed to provide information regarding the policies and procedures applicable to learners currently enrolled in the Ithaca College Master of Science in Physician Assistant Studies (MS-PAS) program and acquaint learners with resources available to them.

The Ithaca College MS-PAS program policies align with the Ithaca College institutional policies; and apply to all enrolled learners, principal faculty, and the program director throughout all phases of the program regardless of location.

The Ithaca College MS-PAS program reserves the right to change the curriculum, any provision, policy, procedure, requirement, regulation or fee at any time, and at its own discretion subsequent to the publication of this handbook. Changes are applicable to all learners of the program without regard to date of admission application or date of enrollment. Nonetheless, every effort will be made to keep learners informed of any and all changes promptly and in writing. This Learner Handbook is neither a contract nor an offer to enter into a contract.