Missed Examinations or Assignments Due To an Absence (Didactic and Clinical Phase)

Learners are expected to be present for all scheduled examinations, written or practical, and any assignments. Assignments include but are not limited to clinical facility visits, interprofessional activities, interactive case based sessions, and professional development sessions.

  • Documented Absence

Only urgent medical or emergent absences will be excused on exam days. Absences where learners will miss a written test or practical examination, learners must provide a reasonable form of evidence to the Course Director and the Director of Didactic Education (didactic phase learners), or the Director of Clinical Education (clinical phase learners). The Director of Didactic Education and the Director of Clinical Education will take the evidence presented in consideration and determine if a make-up exam will be granted.

  • Unexcused Absence*

Unexcused absences from an examination will result in a score of 0 (zero) for the examination.

Whether the learner is permitted to complete a make-up examination or assignment, is at the discretion of the Course Director. The date and time of the make-up will be determined by the Course Director. The content and format of the make-up examination or assignment may differ from that of the original examination or assignment and will be determined by the Course Director. The maximum score a learner can earn on an UNEXCUSED make-up examination is the minimum passing score for the examination (70%). If the learner is not present for the scheduled make-up, he/she/they will receive a grade of zero for that examination or assignment. The Director of Didactic Education, Director of Clinical Education and the Program Director will be informed. The learner will then be referred to the APPRC for disciplinary action which may include dismissal from the program.

*NOTE: If a learner is absent from a scheduled examination or assignment more than twice during a semester in any course(s), the learner will be referred to the APPRC (even if a make-up exam was completed successfully). Excessive absences, even for documented illness, injury, or family emergency may interfere with the learner’s ability to successfully complete a course or remain enrolled in the program.