Religious Observances

All learners, faculty, and staff at Ithaca College have a right to expect that the College will reasonably accommodate their religious observances, practices and beliefs. The College, through its faculty, will make every attempt to schedule required classes and examinations in view of customarily observed religious holidays of those religious groups or communities comprising the College's constituency. No learner shall be compelled to attend class or sit for an examination at a day or time prohibited by his or her religious belief. Learners are expected to attend all sessions at assigned times unless granted an excused absence by the Course Director. Learners are expected to notify the Course Directors if they intend to be absent for any lecture, Team-Based Learning (TBL), and/or clinical assessment session, in accordance with this policy, prior to the scheduled religious holiday. Learners absent for religious reasons will be given reasonable opportunities to make up any work missed. Any learner who believes that he/she/they has been treated unfairly with regard to the above should contact the Ithaca College Office of Academic Affairs.