Excellence in Health Sciences - Food and Nutrition Focus

The 2021 Professional Excellence Award in Health Sciences -Food and Nutrition was Laura Kenny.

Laura shares her experiences at Ithaca College:

Growing up in a small town in upstate NY that highly valued health and wellness, I knew I wanted to attend a college that cultivated this type of community.  I entered Ithaca College as an exercise science major looking to pursue a career in integrative wellness. After taking a freshman honors seminar called Health Narratives and participating in an Alternative Spring Break to Washington, DC, which was centered around food insecurity, my idea of wellness changed. I became aware that health care and quality food were not affordable or accessible to all.

I switched into the health sciences major with a concentration in food and nutrition to focus on my passion for food and the necessity of integrating innovative solutions to close the gap in our health care system. The most memorable experiences have been planning nutrition-related events and running volunteer opportunities with the Ithaca College Nutrition Club s ell as interning with Ithaca College Dining Services because I was able to educate and collaborate with people at the college and work in the greater Ithaca community. I look forward to taking with I learned at Ithaca College into a career that advocates to create more sustainable and equitable food systems.

Laura currently works as an Events Coordinator at Capital Roots, an organization dedicated to building healthy communities by providing access to fresh food and green spaces.