Srijana Bajracharya Research Award

Headshot Erin Shaw

Academic Excellence Award Winner 2022

Erin shares her experiences as a Public and Community Health Major, with double minors in Legal Studies and Health Policy and Management:

"I came to Ithaca from the suburbs of Boston, Massachusetts knowing that I wanted an education that would allow me to change the world in a positive light. Admittedly, I was unaware when choosing the public health major just how much of an impact I could make, but through my experiences in this rigorous program, I know public health is where I am meant to be.
Being a public health major during the COVID-19 pandemic was a unique experience. My education granted me the opportunity to work on and off campus with different populations to provide support during the pandemic. Professor Srijana Bajracharya was my professor for Research Methods in Health. She encouraged her class to create research projects that would benefit our communities. She was a mentor for me and helped me find my passion in research, which I have brought with me to my job as a research assistant for Rescue - The Behavior Change Agency. I thank Professor Bajracharya for her guidance and support throughout my time as a public health student."

Starting in the Fall 2023, Erin will be attending Boston University to pursue a Master's degree in Public Health.