Study Away Opportunities

Complement your campus learning with an HSHP-sponosred short-term study away or an entire semester abroad.

Health Care and Culture in Ecuador (Summer Session)


Investigate socio-cultural factors in the delivery of health care and rehabilitation services in an international context. Students examine, through experiential learning, discussion, and lectures, the role of ethnicity, race, religion, and socioeconomic status in shaping the health-related beliefs and behaviors of individuals in Ecuador. The program includes guest speakers, visits to selected health-related facilities (including clinics, special schools and programs, orphanages, disability related organizations, etc.), an exploration of living and working environments.


Amie Germain, Department of Occupational Therapy

Health Care and Culture: An International Field Experience in Malawi (Summer Session)

This is a picture of about 15 students, seated in front of a building, holding babies. The picture was taken in Malawi.


Travel away during summer break to Malawi, Africa to work alongside Malawian medical professionals at mobile medical clinics, outreach clinics, and a rehabilitation center. Tour hospitals in various regions of the country and partner with nonprofit organizations to assist in the delivery of medical services to rural populations. Participate in group therapy for children with disabilities such as cerebral palsy, cerebral malaria, and other development delays in order to facilitate developmental milestones. Grow as a health professional by engaging in a new culture, learning about a developing country's healthcare system, and appreciating the complexity of factors that contribute to the delivery of health care services in a different country and culture.


  • Mary Taylor, RN Hammond Health Center

Outdoor Adventure Leadership Immersion Semester (Spring Semester)

This is a photo of two individuals mountain climbing. One individual is descending the mountain using a rope, while the other is on top of the mountain providing guidance.


Challenge yourself outdoors for a semester in The Immersion Semester Program (ISP). Open to all majors, you will engage in adventure pursuits (e.g., backpacking, rock climbing, whitewater rafting) as the means to address topics ranging from wilderness philosophy to wilderness ethics, wilderness leadership to risk management, and wilderness medicine to wilderness literacy. When you finish, you will be able to transfer the leadership, judgement, decision-making, and communication skills you develop to any industry of choice.

The ISP is NOT guide training or high-risk adventure for the sake of high-risk adventure. You are expected to develop skills to be an effective outdoor leader, educator, and compassionate citizens.

Spots are limited and priority is given to Outdoor Adventure Leadership (OAL) majors and Outdoor Pursuits minors as it is a requirement for graduation. All students must complete the OAL ISP application and forms. Students register for 18 credits.


China: Culture, Health, Healing, and Sport (Spring Course/Summer Session Trip)

This is a picture of about 15 students in blue shirts providing massages to other students in a classroom while on a study away trip to China


Expand your global understanding of the philosophy and practice in health, prevention and rehabilitation, and sport and physical education using a historical and cultural perspective from China by enrolling in this one-credit course offered spring semester on the IC campus. Take your knowledge to the next level by opting to travel to China for a two week, two-credit course during the summer, to learn hands-on skills such as Chinese Massage, Cupping and Acupuncture, Martial Arts & Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Chinese Calligraphy. You will also have the chance to visit elite athletic training and research centers, and Chinese health care systems at national and regional levels.


Sustainable Tourism in Costa Rica (Fall Semester Course/Winter Break Trip)

About 15 students are standing in a rain forest listening to a tour guide in a green shirt describe an anthill that is on the ground.

Stay in ecotourism lodges in the beautiful locations of Alajuela, Altamira, Monteverde, Tárcoles, and the Osa Peninsula while learning about sustainable ecotourism practices that protect biodiversity and natural resources, use alternative energy and organic methods, and support local communities. With leadership from certified Costa Rican guides, hike through La Amistad International Park and experience tropical vegetation, wildlife, and primary and secondary rainforests. Take a chocolate tour and learn about sustainable agriculture in the tropics. Kayak through mangrove forests in the Osa Peninsula. Observe tropical plants and wildlife by the Pacific Ocean at Manuel Antonio National Park. Hike in the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve and tour the Sky Walk Hanging Bridges.


  • Linda Heyne, Department of Recreation and Leisure Studies

Study Abroad for the Semester

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