Athletic Performance and Wellness

For people interested in athletics, exercise, fitness, injury prevention and rehabilitation, sport, and wellness.

Athletic Trainer

What does an athletic trainer do?

Athletic trainers specialize in preventing, caring for, evaluating, managing, and rehabilitating injury and illness in athletic and physically active populations. Athletic trainers work as part of a collaborative inter-professional health care team, including physicians and other health care professionals.

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Coaching/Performance Specialist

What does a coaching/performance specialist do?

Coaches provide instruction to athletes on correct techniques that are required to play a certain sport as well as guide an athlete through their athletic career. They inform and critique athlete performance through their knowledge of the sport in addition to providing emotional support and guidance to their athletes.

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Exercise Physiologist

What does an exercise physiologist do?

Exercise physiologists specialize in increasing or maintaining personal health through analyzing a patient’s physical health and developing personalized exercise prescriptions. They use stress testing and other evaluation tools to gather data about their patient’s health in order to create an exercise prescriptions to fit the patient’s health care needs and athletic performance goals.

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Fitness or Personal Trainer

What does a fitness or personal trainer do?

Fitness/ Personal Trainers work with groups or individual clients to help clients achieve personal fitness goals through exercise. Fitness instructors lead group workouts that include a wide range of activities (yoga, Pilates, kickboxing) to help clients achieve or maintain their fitness goals. Personal trainers work one-on-one with clients to create individual training plans that target client specific fitness goals (losing weight, gaining muscle mass, maintaining cardiovascular health).

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Sports Dietitian/Nutritionist

What does a Sports Dietitian/nutritionist do?

A sports dietitian/nutritionist counsels and educates teams or individual athletes about the impact of nutrition on their athletic performance and overall health. They create and monitor customized programs that help their clients achieve their overall health goals which includes nutrition plans that are based on fitness goals.

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Sports Psychologist

What does a Sports psychologist do?

Sports psychologists use their psychology skills to help athletes excel in their sport by focusing on the athlete’s overall wellness, social impacts that the sport has on the athlete, and systematic issues in the sports organization. Sports psychologists usually work with athletes on performance, conflict resolution, coping, skills, motivation, recovery, and team building.

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