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For people interested in health communication, education, prevention, teaching, and wilderness.


What does a Dietitian do?

Dietitians specialize in providing education to patients on how they can use food and nutrition to maintain health as well as manage certain diseases. Dietitians create specific diets to help patients achieve health-related goals and live healthy lifestyles.

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Health Educator

What does a health educator do?

Health educators focus on educating others about personal, family, and community health concerns, including maintaining good health and preventing illness. These professionals work in a wide range of settings such as schools, clinics, public health departments, and hospitals, to promote healthy behaviors which improve overall health and reduce illness and disease within a population or individual.

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Outdoor Adventure Leader

What does an outdoor adventure leader do?

Outdoor adventure leaders use their technical, teaching, and management skills to help others appreciate, respect, and enjoy the natural environment. As an outdoor adventure leader, you may work in ecotourism, outdoor education, camp management, natural resource management, environmental interpretation, youth-at-risk programs, and the adventure education and travel industry. 

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Physical Education Teacher

What does a physical education teacher do?

As a physical education teacher, you will create and implement exciting physical activities that motive students to engage in healthy lifestyles. Physical education teachers educate students on healthy diets, proper exercise, and other topics that relate to overall health as well as develop motor skills.

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