Searching For A Job Or Internship

Searching for an internship

Deciding on, finding, and applying for jobs or internships is an important process. The Center for Career Exploration and Development (CCED) offers individualized career counseling, job/internship search assistance, various online and print resources, and multiple on- and off-campus events to help you along the way. Here are some helpful quick tips to assist you with finding a job or internship, and be sure to check out our Upcoming Events and Resources:

Get to Know Yourself

Find out who you are. Evaluate your interests, skills and values. This information can help you to decide upon different career opportunities.

Explore through Interviews and Shadowing

Conduct informational interviews or job shadows to learn firsthand what your field is about. Research occupations using O*Net and the Occupational Outlook Handbook.

Consider Your Best Work Environment

Think about geographical preferences and your ideal work environment (size and office culture). Research specific companies and job descriptions, and save them in self-created files using CareerShift.

Edit Your Resume

Have your resume and cover letter critiqued multiple times, including by CCED.

Attend Career Events

Attend recruiting events on and off campus as well as on-campus interviews.


Network with family, friends, alumni, professors and past employers who may be able to help in the process. Consider attending a local Speed Networking event or Network Nights.

Apply to Jobs

Start a job/internship application, and don't forget to follow up 2-3 weeks after applying if you don't hear back. Use our Professional Correspondences Quick Guide for email samples related to networking and applications.

Make the Most of Our Resources

Use CCED Resources to help you with your search process.

Prepare for Negotiations

Be prepared for a conversation about salary. Our Salary Negotiation Quick Guide has helpful information.

Curious about what your take home pay might be?  Try this salary calculator.

Who Recruits at IC?

Ithaca College maintains recruiting relationships with over 6,000 employers and graduate schools. In the last academic year, over 58,000 job and internship opportunities were made available to Ithaca College students and alumni.

For Further Information:

We encourage you to use the Internship Release and Internship Agreement Form found on the Ithaca College Office of the General Counsel website.

This video will teach you how to sign-in, create your profile, and search for job & internship opportunities within Handshake.

Learn the 10 steps for a successful job or internship search!