English at the London Center

Why go to London?

Imagine reading Charles Dickens and then following in the footsteps of Oliver Twist through the back alleys of London, visiting the landscapes Turner and Constable painted or the places Wordsworth and Keats wrote about, investigating the recording studio on Abbey Road made famous by the Beatles. Think what a drama class would be like if it took you to more than 20 plays on the London stage. Imagine yourself working for an international corporation as an intern.

If any of these possibilities interest you, then consider a semester at the IC London Center. An English major benefits greatly from such a study-abroad program -- not only from the courses, but also from many rich cultural and personal experiences outside the classroom. Through the London Center's internship program, an English major can have a direct window into the professional world, gaining invaluable background for a career. With so many opportunities available, there is no better time to travel abroad than as an undergraduate.

Academic environment

The Ithaca College London Center provides a cultural bridge between the American and British systems of higher education. Faculty members bring their own uniquely British perspective to the classroom and to the content of their courses, offering a different approach to teaching and learning that is based on their British background. For instance, in many British universities students are responsible for completing recommended readings beyond the course syllabus in order to enhance their general knowledge in a specific field. American students find themselves encouraged to work more independently as a London Center student, since class lectures are often designed to supplement rather than duplicate assigned readings. They also find that the curriculum encourages exploration of British society and customs.

Cultural core

Many students select at least one of their courses from the "cultural core," a set of courses providing an introduction to the cultural traditions and aesthetic heritage of Britain:

Fall Term:
Art in London
British Art and Architecture I: 1066-1660
British Popular Music
Drama and the London Theater
Music in London
Sports and the United Kingdom

Spring Term:
Art in London
British Art and Architecture II: 1660-1914
British Popular Music
Music in London
Sports in the United Kingdom


The London Center provides internship opportunities for qualified students who seek to apply their formal academic preparation to the "real world." By affording them first-hand experience in the world of work, internships encourage students to communicate effectively, take initiative, and accept responsibility.

An internship in London allows students to work two days a week in London while engaged in full-time academic study. Students may choose from a number of internship fields, including business, communications, economics, humanities, politics, social service, and theater. In the past, a number of English majors have had internships with groups such as Bethnal Green Museum of Childhood, Charles Dickens House Museum, Penguin Publishing, The Big Issue magazine, SOHO Theater Company, TODAY newspaper, the Press Association, and the Attic Theater. For more information on internship possibilities, contact the Office of International Programs.

Getting started

The Office of International Programs, Job Hall, 2nd floor, is the first place to go for more information about the application process. Ask your advisor for help in planning your schedule in London and in satisfying degree requirements. Speak to members of the English department for suggestions about sights to see in London that have a connection to what you are reading in your courses.