Internships for English Majors: Recent and Future

Recent internships for English Majors and links to applications for upcoming internships.

2017: Claire Cahoon, senior English major, writes of her internship at the Library of Congress: "I am part of the Library of Congress Junior Fellows Program for the summer, working within the U.S. Copyright Office (within the Office of Public Information & Education). My project involves sorting through the Copyright archives in order to identify and prepare significant records for display. I’m also learning more about librarianship and information management while I’m at the library!"

Annie Batterman, sophomore English major, describes her internship with Harper Collins publishing house: "I will be working with HarperCollins’ Editorial Services team in Princeton, NJ. The work I'll be doing on a daily basis involves entering corrections and doing some proofreading work for eBooks and print manuscripts, as well as various other office jobs. I’ll also be sitting in on department and production meetings and getting exposure to many different sides of the publishing process. The Princeton office is a satellite branch of the main office of HarperCollins in NYC and includes editorial, production, and content management teams."

Exciting Internship Opportunities