Pre-Approved Double Major - Environmental Studies-Documentary Studies

The Department of Environmental Studies & Sciences has partnered with the Roy H. Park School of Communications to offer a pre-approved double major in Environmental Studies and Documentary Studies and Production. This initiative enables students to connect these two growing fields, and opens new, innovative opportunities for communicating and catalyzing action on today’s most important environmental issues.

This pre-approved double major does not change a student’s degree program (either the Environmental Studies B.A. or the Documentary Studies and Production B.A.), but it increases:

  • Awareness of the interconnections between these fields
  • Opportunities for deep exploration
  • Quality of final projects
  • Collaboration opportunities with faculty in both departments

Early adopters will enjoy:

  • Streamlined admissions procedures for declaring the double major
  • Advising support from faculty in both departments
  • Structured collaboration opportunities with other ENVS-DOCS students

For more information contact Jake Brenner, Associate Professor and Chair of Environmental Studies and Sciences at